Quick Thoughts on the Short Dance Fracas at Euros

Because I’m still recapping Nationals, so who knows when I’m going to get around to Euros? Certainly, not until after le scandale has passed.

The problem for me is, Cappellini/Lanotte are not my favorite team. I don’t have anything against them; I just like most of the other top teams more. They have a style and an approach to the sport, and it’s not my preferred style or approach. That’s a matter of taste. If your taste differs from mine, then by all means, go forth and cheer for your sexy Italians. I’ll be over here, wondering how I got to a place in my life where I’m hoping Bobrova and Soloviev take the title this year.

I had to work during the day, so I waited until tonight to rewatch Cappellini and Lanotte’s short dance. Since I knew what I was looking for, the error was clear to me. He was supporting her body off of the ice; he went around more than one full turn. It was, according to the letter of the law, an extra rotational lift.

That being said, if I hadn’t known it was an illegal element, I wouldn’t have noticed – as the judges didn’t, until the French raised a stink. I’m not sure whether it was unethical, or bad sportsmanship, to point the error out. I’m not sure whether the French fell afoul of ISU rules in the form and timing of their complaint. It’s possible that C&L have been getting away with this all season, and if so, it makes sense to point it out so they have time to address the problem before Worlds. It’s also possible that the French federation are being that guy at the Dungeons & Dragons table who whips out the handbook every time the DM throws a plot twist he doesn’t like. It’s very likely that both of the above are true.

My takeaway is as follows: 1) Russia is looking unusually unobjectionable and virtuous; 2) The desire to metaphorically sit back and munch popcorn while fandom explodes has resulted in a literal bowl of delicious popcorn; 3) Thanks, skating fans, for the welcome distraction from freaking out about American politics.