Welcome Home!

This is the new home of Sarah Explains the Finer Sports! There will be actual content here soon, especially since I stayed up most of last night dual-screening Russian Nationals and Japanese Nationals. The new site will feature the same combination of sarcasm, statistical analysis, and rapturous adoration as always, focused on figure skating with occasional forays into other sports I enjoy. The main differences are that I’ll have more control over things like layout and advertising; it will be easier to communicate with me via comments and email; and I can indulge in the occasional off-topic post.

While you’re waiting for me to ramble about figure skating, why not watch a playlist of my favorite gala programs? (Yes, I have 62 favorites. If you’ve been reading me awhile, you know all about my fraught relationship with narrowing things down.)┬áPut it on shuffle for best results.

I’m excited about this change, and I hope you are, too! Thanks for reading and supporting my blog in all its incarnations!

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